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Blogging can help Real Estate firms stay ahead of the Competition

The world has become hyperconnected – a global village where people and business communicate with each other instantly, where the Internet and its associated services are accessible and immediate and where machines are equally interconnected with each other. This hyperconnectivity and superabundance of easily available information is redefining relationships between individuals, consumers and enterprises, and citizens and governments.

Quick and fast dissemination of knowledge and information and the quantum jump in their magnitude is changing the way people make decisions today. This has brought about a profound shift in the way consumers and business interact. According to the findings of various studies on consumer behaviour, buyers today are making a higher level of product research than ever before. On the other hand businesses, in a bid to engage more deeply with consumers, are trying hard to put out quality and relevant information, not only about the products and services they sell, but such information that helps consumers to become smart buyers.

A powerful and proven way for businesses to reach out to their customers is to embrace blogging, which is the art of creating short-form online content. The blogging approach is based on the strategy that if businesses deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they will ultimately reward the companies with their business and loyalty. As business enterprises and organizations try to become more customer-centric, blogs that were once devoted to products or services and were mainly company focused are becoming more focused on the consumer. What it means is that instead of pitching only products or services, companies are delivering information that makes their buyer more intelligent.

It is therefore not surprising that business blogs are going all out to engage with customers. Companies, especially the more consumer facing ones such as those in real estate, are climbing on the blogging bandwagon for disseminating content that offers valuable information and insights to current and potential customers for the purpose of building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment. The rationale is that a successful blogging platform establishes a company as an expert in its field, and that sets the groundwork for a long-term business relationship.

Blogging is especially useful for consumer facing business like real estate where gaining credibility and trust of customers can help a developer win a larger share of the available market than its competitors. Blogs help to build trust and establish rapport, which make it easier for buyers to justify purchasing your product. This aspect is all the more pertinent for the real estate industry, where accurate data and reliable market information is not easily available. Against such a backdrop, a real estate firm that brings out well thought out and informative blogs stands to become a trusted source of information. Apart from educating consumers, well-written articles reflect your position as a leader in the real estate market. When you post articles that are informative, you are using your blog to share your credibility and expertise.

Blogs also provide an additional source to connect with your clients by encouraging consumers to share your content with their networks. This helps to drive traffic to your company’s website. The more traffic you have visiting your site, the more likely it is you will make a sale or score a new customer. People are also more likely to buy products or services from businesses they feel they “know.” When they connect to your website, they will be able to get to know your business and as a company you will be building a strong customer base for your products.

For a real estate company that provides relevant information through its blogs, clients are more likely to contact the company concerned when they are ready to buy or sell real estate. This way, a real estate blog can serve as another efficient platform for increasing conversion rates by lifting the level of consumer interest and engagement from ‘’passing’’ to ‘’involved’’. Customers that you have helped inform and educate will be more willing to listen and consider your advice when making purchasing decisions.

An analysis of a Marketing report in the USA done in 2011 revealed that 27% of respondents rated their company blog as “critical” to their business. While consumers continue to tune out traditional, intrusive marketing communications, they increasingly crave the type of genuine, customer-focused information that well-written blogs are more apt to deliver.

A survey done in the US has revealed that 87% of businesses that blogged at a consistent rate in 2013 reported new customers directly from those blog posts. So to make business blogging a major part of a company’s marketing strategy makes all the more sense if it is looking to attract new prospective customers or turn customers into evangelists.

Today, with 33% of internet users report reading blog posts and that number climbing fast – according to a report – companies are tweaking their marketing approach and embracing blogging as a way of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

However, just creating a blog post or an image as a one-shot deal is not going to help. Think of it as an asset that you are investing in. You can then leverage it in multiple ways to get good returns from it. As discussed above, the many benefits that can accrue include:

  • Positioning your brand as an Industry Leader
  • Developing customer relationships
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Increasing your search engine optimization results and rankings
  • Building trust

Lotus Greens unveils new brand logo

Lotus Greens has marked a very special day today in its journey towards creating a brighter future. A day that hosted a landmark event at the Taj Palace Hotel, attended by leading lights of the real estate industry, government, media and the corporate world. The momentous event saw the new corporate logo unfurled followed by important announcements about the company’s landmark projects in the NCR.

Lotus Greens today stands at the threshold of an exciting new era with the launch of a bold and strong new corporate identity. Inspired by the Lotus plant, which can live for over a thousand years, Lotus Greens is a brand that dares to imagine a world where all can LIVE THE DIFFERENCE.

The unique characteristics of the lotus flower are embedded in the Values that inform every step of Lotus Green’s journey from here on; just as the lotus is a source of happiness, the mandate is to strive with utmost dedication to create a happier future. The purity of the flower is reflected in the transparency that is brought to business, enabling an ethical and responsible approach to evolving communities.

As exemplified in the Corporate Vision statement – to protect the planet’s precious, finite resources and work towards a sustainable tomorrow. With clarity of thought that inspires communities and individuals and focus on responsibly developing a sustainable future, Lotus Greens is poised to ‘Create the Difference’, thereby, providing the canvas for people to thrive for generations to come.

In effect, becoming a trusted partner for life and helping everyone ‘Embrace the Difference’.

Barely a year and a half into its incorporation, Lotus Greens has built an enviable reputation around its green ethos and sustainability initiatives. Through our expertise, reliability, and quality, we are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow by building a legacy that will stand the test of time. We aim to create environments based on shared beliefs between us and our customers and among all the individuals who become part of the vibrant Lotus Greens communities.

The new logo has been designed by the reputed Dubai-based branding and design agency Brash Brands, whose accomplishments include working on renowned real estate brands such as the Burj Khalifa.

It is a day that looks to the future and symbolizes growth. With the unveiling of a vibrant new brand identity, it is time to take the brand to its deserving heights of glory. Lotus Greens believes its new logo and brand philosophy will drive an even stronger connect with the communities by encouraging them to share its philosophy of quality and sustainability.

Corporate dress designed by Suneet Varma for Lotus GreensMarketing and Sales Teams

Corporate dressing is part of business protocol today. Not just a matter of being smartly turned out, but a code of uniformity, expression of personality and projection of the corporate culture. The manner of dressing is our first impression to all the people we interact with. At an individual level, what we wear can inform others of our tastes, as well as give a peek into our intelligence, ambitions, emotions and outlook on life.

It is the same principle that prompts organizations to mandate a dress code for employees. Employee attire can be a significant factor in projecting a company’s professional image and shaping perceptions in the eyes of internal and external publics. Having a proper dress code goes a long way in instilling and inspiring confidence and trust among customers.

The manner of dress in workplaces can vary from uniforms to suits and everything in between. Not only does a dress code convey a professional demeanor, it also sets a professional tone in all facets of corporate communication.

This sensitivity and respect for customers’ perceptions have prompted our company to institute a dress code for its Marketing and Sales teams. “Our work environment sees frequent visits from customers, clients, and the public, so adopting professional business attire is essential,” says the Director of Marketing and Sales, Brijesh Bhanote. It was his brainchild that the Marketing and Sales teams at Lotus Greens should have a snappy dress code that articulates the company’s focus on professionalism and quality. “The point in having this policy is to show to visitors and outsiders that we are smart professionals who are diligent about work and take customer interactions with utmost professionalism and care,” he opines.

The corporate attire has been designed by Suneet Varma, an internationally renowned fashion designer famous for his couture creations. He is a master at styling and crafting formal wear for the most discerning of customers. The dapper dress code, comprising a beige suit, light blue shirt, tie, lapel and belt, is to create a distinct and striking identity for the teams. The ensemble was unveiled at a glittering event hosted by Lotus Greens at the Taj Palace hotel.

The decision to create a uniform at the workplace complements Lotus Greens unique brand personality – of a real estate developer that is committed to creating a brighter tomorrow. As visual credentials are just as important as the products and the services, the dress code as part of an overall new visual identity will help Lotus Greens convey a strong message about its work ethic.