Corporate dress designed by Suneet Varma for Lotus GreensMarketing and Sales Teams

Corporate dressing is part of business protocol today. Not just a matter of being smartly turned out, but a code of uniformity, expression of personality and projection of the corporate culture. The manner of dressing is our first impression to all the people we interact with. At an individual level, what we wear can inform others of our tastes, as well as give a peek into our intelligence, ambitions, emotions and outlook on life.

It is the same principle that prompts organizations to mandate a dress code for employees. Employee attire can be a significant factor in projecting a company’s professional image and shaping perceptions in the eyes of internal and external publics. Having a proper dress code goes a long way in instilling and inspiring confidence and trust among customers.

The manner of dress in workplaces can vary from uniforms to suits and everything in between. Not only does a dress code convey a professional demeanor, it also sets a professional tone in all facets of corporate communication.

This sensitivity and respect for customers’ perceptions have prompted our company to institute a dress code for its Marketing and Sales teams. “Our work environment sees frequent visits from customers, clients, and the public, so adopting professional business attire is essential,” says the Director of Marketing and Sales, Brijesh Bhanote. It was his brainchild that the Marketing and Sales teams at Lotus Greens should have a snappy dress code that articulates the company’s focus on professionalism and quality. “The point in having this policy is to show to visitors and outsiders that we are smart professionals who are diligent about work and take customer interactions with utmost professionalism and care,” he opines.

The corporate attire has been designed by Suneet Varma, an internationally renowned fashion designer famous for his couture creations. He is a master at styling and crafting formal wear for the most discerning of customers. The dapper dress code, comprising a beige suit, light blue shirt, tie, lapel and belt, is to create a distinct and striking identity for the teams. The ensemble was unveiled at a glittering event hosted by Lotus Greens at the Taj Palace hotel.

The decision to create a uniform at the workplace complements Lotus Greens unique brand personality – of a real estate developer that is committed to creating a brighter tomorrow. As visual credentials are just as important as the products and the services, the dress code as part of an overall new visual identity will help Lotus Greens convey a strong message about its work ethic.

About P. Sahel

As Vice Chairman of Lotus Greens, Sahel is responsible for giving directions on overall business strategy and key investments decisions of the firm. Being one of the founding members of Lotus Greens, Sahel has been instrumental in formulating various company policies, setting up systems and processes, and building a strong team of professionals. Prior to Lotus Greens, Sahel worked for more than 16 years in some of India’s largest and most respected real estate companies like Jones Lang LaSalle for 13 years as the Managing Director of the Markets & Solution Development and DLF prior to that. The views expressed are personal

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