Lotus Greens unveils new brand logo

Lotus Greens has marked a very special day today in its journey towards creating a brighter future. A day that hosted a landmark event at the Taj Palace Hotel, attended by leading lights of the real estate industry, government, media and the corporate world. The momentous event saw the new corporate logo unfurled followed by important announcements about the company’s landmark projects in the NCR.

Lotus Greens today stands at the threshold of an exciting new era with the launch of a bold and strong new corporate identity. Inspired by the Lotus plant, which can live for over a thousand years, Lotus Greens is a brand that dares to imagine a world where all can LIVE THE DIFFERENCE.

The unique characteristics of the lotus flower are embedded in the Values that inform every step of Lotus Green’s journey from here on; just as the lotus is a source of happiness, the mandate is to strive with utmost dedication to create a happier future. The purity of the flower is reflected in the transparency that is brought to business, enabling an ethical and responsible approach to evolving communities.

As exemplified in the Corporate Vision statement – to protect the planet’s precious, finite resources and work towards a sustainable tomorrow. With clarity of thought that inspires communities and individuals and focus on responsibly developing a sustainable future, Lotus Greens is poised to ‘Create the Difference’, thereby, providing the canvas for people to thrive for generations to come.

In effect, becoming a trusted partner for life and helping everyone ‘Embrace the Difference’.

Barely a year and a half into its incorporation, Lotus Greens has built an enviable reputation around its green ethos and sustainability initiatives. Through our expertise, reliability, and quality, we are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow by building a legacy that will stand the test of time. We aim to create environments based on shared beliefs between us and our customers and among all the individuals who become part of the vibrant Lotus Greens communities.

The new logo has been designed by the reputed Dubai-based branding and design agency Brash Brands, whose accomplishments include working on renowned real estate brands such as the Burj Khalifa.

It is a day that looks to the future and symbolizes growth. With the unveiling of a vibrant new brand identity, it is time to take the brand to its deserving heights of glory. Lotus Greens believes its new logo and brand philosophy will drive an even stronger connect with the communities by encouraging them to share its philosophy of quality and sustainability.

About P. Sahel

As Vice Chairman of Lotus Greens, Sahel is responsible for giving directions on overall business strategy and key investments decisions of the firm. Being one of the founding members of Lotus Greens, Sahel has been instrumental in formulating various company policies, setting up systems and processes, and building a strong team of professionals. Prior to Lotus Greens, Sahel worked for more than 16 years in some of India’s largest and most respected real estate companies like Jones Lang LaSalle for 13 years as the Managing Director of the Markets & Solution Development and DLF prior to that. The views expressed are personal

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